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No matter what your problem may be, putting off calling a lawyer only means you have to go to bed each night, tossing and turning, constantly stressed by your personal dilemma. Whether it's a loved one that you suspect is suffering abuse in a nursing home, or you're worried that you'll lose your driver's license over a moving violation, or you want someone to negotiate your business rental agreement, give me a call at 631.352.0146.   There's no charge for the initial consultation, so there's no excuse for putting off any legal problem you may face. If you've suffered a fall that you believe was the result of someone's negligence, and your medical bills are all consuming, call me. If the DMV is not forthcoming in giving you answers related to your driving fines and infractions, or you need assistance with any driving related controversy, call me. If you think any medical personnel has been derelict in his or her care for you, call me. If you have a contract that has to be signed and need to go over the salient points with a fine tooth comb, call me. If it's any kind of legally related matter, let me be your counsel and fight for your rights, it's what I do best. It's all up to you at this point.

-David Grossman  

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