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Here is just a sampling of my most publicized nursing home abuse litigations. In the two-year period surrounding these, I became a part of the legal action surrounding approximately thirty such cases that averaged settlements of about $500,000 for my clients. Read what these people were up against and you’ll understand how hard I had to fight to get them the justice they deserved.

Success within a complicated system of rules and regulations that are ofttimes seemingly unsurmountable, is the arena that I fight in, and it doesn’t limit itself to nursing homes or hospitals.

I’ll fight for your rights in Criminal and Traffic Cases, Malpractice, Brain Injuries and Birth Defects, Personal Injury, Civil Rights and Negligence Cases, Labor Law, Construction, Real Estate, and Trust Cases. Whenever you need representation to defend your rights in any matter, large or small, you can count on me.

I make it easy for you to avail yourself of my services if you are homebound by coming to you.

In any case, don’t hesitate; your initial consultation is at no cost to you. Call me at 631.352.0146 and let me know how I can be of service.

$19.6 million elderly man abused in a nursing home in Brooklyn.

$115.5 million milkman crushed in elevator.

$5 million won when an alzheimers patient drank floor cleaner thinking it was juice and suffered death.

$1,150,000 woman chokes to death.

$850,000 was awarded to a family of someone who suffered horrible bedsores.

$750,000 was awarded to a family of someone who suffered hospital neglect.

Please contact us today so that you can be one of our success stories! No case is too big or too small for our firm. We have over 45 lawyers working around the clock on our team and a combined 120 years of experience in helping people in both personal cases and corporate cases.

$1,000,000 was awarded to a man who was neglected by a physical therapist.